Who We Are

KiWicellars, based in London, is a small, hard working specialist agency of fine New Zealand wine.

We started operating in 2003 after Jane, our director, could only ever find ‘mainstream’ brands of NZ wines in and around London. Jane knew that NZ had a lot more to offer the UK and decided to do something about it.

The team at KiWicellars takes the time to try out as many wines as possible (yes, it’s a tough job) before deciding which suppliers to work with. We endure hours of swirling, sniffing and swigging, always on the look-out for high quality, mouth-watering-give-me-more flavour(s), not to mention value for money – we know that is a keen favourite in the UK!

We believe that the choices we make will satisfy everyone’s palate – whether you prefer sparkling, red or white. The wines from our boutique suppliers represent both the best wine regions and best varieties that New Zealand has to offer.

And remember, good marketing doesn’t always equal great wine. So forget the safe (some may say boring) option of Cloudy Bay or Montana, and give our wines a go. You can trust that the KiWicellars range will satisfy… one glass is never enough!

Please take some time to review our wines and do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our wines or your requirements.

The Team

Introducing the small but hard working team here at KiWicellars...

Jane Davies – Director

Jane Davies - Director

Jane started KiWicellars in March 2003 with her brother-in-law after they realised that Brits not only thought that Russell Crowe is an Aussie, but they also thought that Cloudy Bay was the only wine produced in NZ. Obviously something had to be done to show them that they were wrong – the bit about the wine, not Russell.

Jane grew up on the Springbank vineyard in Kaikoura NZ, and so wine is in her blood… daily. Jane’s extensive commercial background and knowledge of the NZ wine industry makes her the perfect person to both lead the company and be part of our wine selection process.

When Jane isn’t stealing bottles of wine from our collection here in the office, she enjoys triathlons, driving tractors and DIY renovations.

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Erin Watkins– Sales and Operations Manager

Erin Watkins - Sales and Operations Manager

Erin was lucky enough to land an account manager job at Montana Wines straight after uni – some have all the luck! - and in October 2004 Erin joined KiWicellars, not long after she arrived in London. Erin has an undying passion for wine and is constantly learning more (and no, that doesn’t just mean drinking more, well, not really).

Erin is the brains behind our new ideas and promotions, sales and day to day running of the business and is the one to call if you have any questions about our wines.

When Erin isn’t ‘learning’ about wine, she enjoys playing touch rugby, cooking and diamond shopping.

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Leigh Gorton– Lead Generator

Leigh Gorton - Lead Generator

Leigh joined KiWicellars in 2005 and was hired due to his charm and knowledge of NZ wine and the hospitality industry in both NZ and the UK (he also has a great face for radio!). When Leigh isn’t working here, he is the manager at a top London restaurant, and in his spare time enjoys eating, sleeping, drinking, and painting (the town red).

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Mandy Williams– Sales, Procurement and Accounts Administrator

Mandy Williams - Sales, procurement and accounts administrator

Mandy joined KiWicellars in February 2006 to help out in the office, but mainly to give the impression that KiWicellars is an equal opportunities employer – she’s Aussie.

Mandy’s experience in the wine industry in the past has really only involved drinking in pubs, bars and restaurants (quite an impressive ‘drinking’ section in her CV), but is quickly learning more about NZ and its wines (as well as other interesting facts, e.g. Kiwi’s think that pavlova is from NZ).

In addition to drinking, Mandy enjoys travelling, watching rugby and shopping.

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